For many 2021, hopefully, will be a year of recovery and getting back to normal after a period of extraordinary challenge.

The trends we are seeing in interiors are all about comfort, new energy and creating spaces where we can be more flexible to live, relax and work.

Nature, comfort and bringing the outdoors in

Nature has been of a significant importance to more and more people during lockdown. The realisation of the benefits of the outdoors, fresh air, the paths that we tread along with the animals and birds around us have brought a new found peace. Daily walks have hugely helped our mental health. Key colours for 2021 are therefore not surprisingly drawn from the colours of the Earth, mossy greens, warm browns, burnt orange. Rich blue is an ever popular colour which I think we’ll still a lot of this year. Dulux have named ‘Brave Ground’ as their colour of the 2021 .. it creates a feeling of stability, growth and potential .. see what Dulux brand ambassador Clara Amfo has to say about it here ..

Pantone announced their ‘Colour of the Year’ this time as the union of PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating. A message of happiness supported by fortitude, and using a brighter pop of yellow to bring us some joy!

There are many ways to use these colours, we’ve painted walls green, matched paintwork to create seamless solo colour areas, brought in leafy designs on wallpapers, or simply on rugs and cushions. One of Curve’s favourite colours this Spring is Lichen and from Farrow and Ball, a low VOC, eco friendly option, this would be a great starting point to any nature inspired interior.

A key trend for this year is green kitchens and we’ve seen some fab ones. A bit of a bigger long term commitment, but with the right design this can work. We see this as a longer term shift rather than a quick fad so if you really want to bring green into your home this would be a great option. We would use natural materials along with the green cabinets such as marble worktops, sustainable natural wood flooring, tiles with earthy tones, and of course plenty of house plants!

Comfort is key when it comes to furniture choices this year, and we have seen a move towards bigger, softer sofas, where better to curl up to an evening of Netlfix? (even when we are allowed out again!!) Furniture choices have become more mismatched, to show personality within a space, we would place different designs, colours and fabrics to create an overall more creative look. The use of materials such as wicker and also of vintage items all tie in with this style. Delicate prints help us to connect with nature, Villa Nova bring us the ’Still Life’ collection, captures the beauty of everyday objects found in a kitchen garden, bring joy, contentment and clarity of thought

Sustainable design

Alongside the pandemic, the other huge global issue we are facing is climate change. We are accepting that we must do more now to protect our planet and as consumers we need to make responsible decisions about what we buy. In our homes we can create more sustainable environments several ways. As a team we have begun to look carefully at our suppliers and their green credentials. We are moving more towards natural materials, fairly traded furniture and creating interiors that are long lasting. Biophilia is the concept that all humans have an inbuilt need to connect with nature, we can look at the relationships between nature and design and ensure that our choices are having a low impact on the planet. We can incorporate plants and living walls within our interiors to bring nature inside which in turns supports our wellbeing.
Our choice of fabrics includes lots of textures and we are working on several projects at the moment where texture is key! Boucle, wool, mohair, sheepskin, we are loving deep pile, soft and comfortable fabrics. Designers Guild ‘Moselle’ and ‘Ikulu’ from Black Edition are great collections for this look.

Global Influence

While most of us only dreamt of getting on a plane in 2020, we all have a little wanderlust in our hearts and are waiting for the day we can travel someone more exotic. Travel inspires us in so many ways and as designers we love to soak up the patterns, colours and inspirations from wherever we go. It’s part of what makes us tick, refreshes us and fuels creativity. Thankfully while we’ve all been grounded, some of our wonderful fabric houses have created new collections to inject a bit of global influence into our homes.

Designers Guild new Spring 2021 collection ‘Minakari’ is inspired by the decorative arts of India, here we see vibrant jewel colours alongside rich spice shades, and layers of all kinds of wonderful patterns and textures. You can see Tricia Guild talk about the collections here ..

Prestigious Textiles launches ‘Caribbean’ a riot of patterns making a maximalist statement with cleverly camouflaged monkeys, tropical florals and colourful love birds. I Love Wallpaper names ’tropical shores’ as a key trend to offer some escapism within our homes!

If you are bored of staring at the same four walls maybe a brave injection of pattern is for you this year.