2022 is well underway and we enter the new year with an increasing sense of optimism. We are looking at trends in interiors which reflect our instincts to be more immersed in nature, inspired by travel (or still dreaming of far away places!) Colours and textures can bring calm to our homes, or inject a much needed spark of colour and joy.

Curves are everywhere this year, which goes without saying is one of our favourite trends, we did name our studio ‘Curve’ after all! We love curves within architecture, archways between rooms, curved walls to create soft divisions to larger spaces. Kitchen designs and furniture with curves bring a modern sophistication and if you don’t want to to commit to these, there are curves on rugs, accessories and cushions to bring you easily up to date!

Sage greens, terracottas and colours of the earth are forming our favourite colour palettes at the moment. We move away from cold greys and stark colourschemes and bring back taupe, brown and rich umber shades

Using natural materials, such as stone, marble and plaster in our homes and bringing in lots of plants and greenery continues the popular look of bringing the outside in. We are working with clients using big windows and seamless floors to create outdoor living space and considering the internal and external design as a whole to create a flow. Natural materials make a statement used for flooring, walls and furniture such as table tops and even baths!

Travel inspired interiors continue to be popular as we feel cheated of our holidays! Artefacts from our own explorations, luggage inspired occasional furniture, ethnic and printed fabrics and wallpapers can all be layered to create an inspiring space with loads of added interest, the possibilities are endless!

Bright colours and maximalism are making a big splash this year. The feeling of wanting to brighten up our lives with bold prints, block colours and stepping out of our comfort zone to create unique spaces full of items we love. We think that the pandemic has made everyone more aware of our homes and surroundings and want to make them our own.

And what for Curve in 2022?

Well, we’ve been busy planning a move to a brand new studio which we can’t wait to share with you in a few weeks time.

We have several new residential schemes in different stages of development, including a fabulous apartment now fully ripped out in Bowden, a very cool new build in Saddleworth, a clever garage conversion in North Manchester, a 48 apartment high end student accommodation in Nottingham, a beautiful seaside home in Wales and an apartment on Salford Quays with a very special theme!

We look forward to bringing you updates as they happen – so keep a look on out on our socials for photos and insights.