Happy new year everyone! And we hope you are all keeping well. Our new year’s resolution is to make more effort to keep Curve’s blog and socials up to date and we are working on a brand new web site which we can’t wait to show you. With many of us beginning the new year working from our homes here is some advice from Laura with some great tips for setting up your work space.

Throughout the whirlwind that was 2020 many of us found ourselves working from home, perched at kitchen tables, from a sofa turned desk space or crammed into the spare bedroom. Working from home has added a new element into our lives and is something few of us have experienced for a prolonged period of time before, many of us needing a permanent at home workspace for the very first time. As well as the coronavirus there have been other headlines throughout the year, mainly how we can do our bit to protect our environment and managing our wellbeing during these uncertain times. In this post we hope to share a few points that will help you create a work from home environment that is eco-friendly, space saving, creative and productive. Please contact Curve if you would like to know any more about the products featured and if you’d like to work together to create your ideal work from home set up…

Eco friendly elegance… At Curve we started the year with a huge focus on sustainable design, researching the best companies to source from and the most eco-friendly fabrics and materials out there. A supplier who stood out as the leading contender on the high street was West Elm. Their factories are Fair Trade certified, they have made major contributions to artisan communities and local craftspeople, 100% of their linen and towels are organic and more than half of their wooden furniture is sustainably sourced, so you know you’re in good hands when purchasing from them. Alongside this, the furniture is beautifully designed and super stylish, built to last and not overly priced. Featured here is their sustainable mid-century style office desk, it gives plenty of workspace and storage. Teamed with Fair Trade sourced artwork to create a relaxing atmosphere. Plants play a key part in bringing calm to a space and we highly recommend some foliage in your work space! Many studies have shown how good this is for our wellbeing. A comfortable chair is key and this gorgeous chair has a spin base so you don’t have to opt for a clunky office chair to ruin the mood. Soften any office space with a rug and add a desk lamp for these dull winter days!

Oh so cool… Many of us will be struggling for space to set up a desk in our homes. We think it’s so important to invest in furniture that will stand the test of time and this simple wood finish desk is just that. The simple design can adapt to many set ups and will never go out of fashion. It has a handy pull out desktop for extra workspace, hidden pockets and a drawer below – ideal! Separating yourself from your desk at home can be a much harder task than when you’re in an office with colleagues so having a little at home breakout space will be good for the brain! The brand FatBoy have lots of innovative products and this bean bag is a perfect addition if you need to sit out and relax for 10 minutes. A supportive lightweight chair and trendy space saving accessories, we love this desk tidy from HAY, work perfectly to complete the style. 

Separate your spaces… Work life balance is key to a happy mind and with so many of us now bringing work home this can seem like a difficult challenge. A good tip we can share is to design your work space completely different to anywhere else in your home to add this physical separation. With being rid of our usual commute we are missing the transition from home to work. It’s important to add this element back into our daily lives. If you can set up a separated space in your home, this blue topped desk designed by architect Egon Eiermann is height adjustable to suit any working needs and the blue top is proven to stimulate the mind and leads to more productivity. Adding a quirky chair is a good tip for any work from home space, having a specific chair you use throughout your working hours will help your mind to switch from regular distractions. Including bright colours that you may not have around the rest of your house will add a fun element to your workspace and make you want to visit rather than avoid it. Kartell are another sustainably conscious brand who have a focus on bringing colour and fun into furniture, we especially love their coloured Shelfish Shelves for a finishing touch