Today we have a guest blog from Curve’s designer Maria taking a look at one of her favourite Interiors trends for 2021.

Have you heard of Japandi? Japandi is an interior design trend that combines Japanese aesthetic with Scandinavian design bringing the best of the 2 worlds together. It features clean line, minimalism, muted colours, natural, sustainable and durable materials and a pleasant balance of the amount of furniture in the space to follow the principle of having ‘just enough’ (also called ‘lagom’ in Scandinavian designs).

The mix of these 2 design styles highlight minimalism without being perceived as cold, Japandi uses textured handcrafted materials to make spaces irradiate a sense of calm, warmth and comfort. We’ve seen few designs that might be classified as ‘Japandi’ the past couple of years, but 2021 really seems the year of this beautiful and harmonic design trend!

We’ve met with a couple of suppliers recently who have seen Japandi influences coming into their collections. Prestigious Textiles introduce ‘Kyoto’ celebrating the wonder of Japan, featuring lotus flowers, watercolour foliage and origami inspired geometrics alongside opulent jacquards with a calm, warm palette which works perfectly with Scandi styling to create this look.

Tektura wallpapers embrace the beautiful qualities of Silk in their style story this week, ‘Osaka’ is a matt raw silk texture available in 21 colours, including these gentle blues and greens again providing a calm and serene palette.

Pick up some great Japandi style accessories on the high street or online to add finishing touches of this trend into your home ..

Why not have a look at more of example of this beautiful style in our Curve Interior Design’s Pinterest page:

We really love this trend here at Curve! What do you think?